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Rabbit Rally - A Game...

Rabbit Rally - A Game of Risk-taking



Reference 9301829.
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Age: 4 + years
Dimensions: box 22 x 22 x 4,5 cm
Author: Sylvain Ménager
Illustrations: Daniel Döbner
Players: 2-4 players aged 4 to 99
Duration of play: approx. 15 minutes

Rabbit Rally - A challenging and fun, length guessing competition - HABA Games

Rabbit Island is an exciting place. A giant golde carrot shimmers on the horizon and it's time to harvest the carrots. Unfortunately the golden carrot and other delicious carrots are on a different island in the lake and the poor rabbits don't know how to swim. But wait, one clever rabbit has an idea to sink big stones in the water in order to create a bridge between the islands with boards and planks!

Each rabbit quickly starts to build their own bridge, and tries to be the first to reach the giant golden carrot. Unfortunately there aren't enough boards for all the bridges, so all the rabbits need to use the same bridge pieces. A player who overstimates the length of the planks must stand still and watch other rabbits hop past on their way to the carrot island. So pay attention and start guessing and building!

Made in Germany.
Haba 301829
Rabbits Rally A Games of Risk taking length estimations bunny bunnies islands carotts haba Sylvain Ménager Daniel Döbner kids children family
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