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Power-Hawk XL Rallye -...
Colours in Motion

Power-Hawk XL Rallye - Traction Delta Kite

Brand: Colours in Motion. Reference 20043.
Model stopped.
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Age: 14 + years
Dimensions: 220 x 108 cm
POWER-HAWK XL Rallye by Colours in Motion

A traction delta kite! Beware, this model is designed for pilots seeking traction sensations in strong winds, up to 6 Beaufort (winds up to 50km/h).

As its name says, the Power-Hawk XL is the big brother of Power-Hawk: this XL version is reserved for teens and adults who like that it pulls in the arms but do not want a "real" powerkite.

Its 8mm fiberglass frame ensures sufficient strength for its wingspan of 2.20 meters.

The Power-Hawk XL comes complete with lines (2x25m, strength 80kg) and wrist straps.

A kite that reminds us of some "heavy" machines from the 1990s :-)
Colours in Motion JS20043
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