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Photo Album 60 pages...
Moulin Roty

Photo Album 60 pages (120 photos) - Les Jolis Pas Beaux


Moulin Roty

Reference 629311.
Model stopped.
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Dimensions: box 23,5 x 235 x 4,5 cm
Photo Album 60 pages (120 photos) - Les Jolis Pas Beaux by Moulin Roty

A superb photo album with fabric cover in the colors of "Les Jolis Pas Beaux". The album is composed of 60 illustrated pages and fits 120 photos (10x15cm format), protected in clear slip-in pockets.

About "Les Jolis pas Beaux" collection by Moulin Roty
JOLIS pas BEAUX! Yes indeed... ! A blue square, a purple dot, poplin and corduroy... We are made from a thousand and one different fabrics all put together, and we like to hide under your pillow and tell you stories.
Moulin Roty 629311
Photos Album 60 pages 120 photos Les Jolis Pas Beaux moulin roty purple violet girls panodia slip-in pockets clear illustrated gifts presents birth
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