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Peter Lynn Impulse TR...
Peter Lynn

Peter Lynn Impulse TR 3-line Trainer Kite


Peter Lynn

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Peter Lynn Impulse TR - 3-line Trainer Kite

Discover your talent.

To make your powerkiting progression fun as well as challenging, the Impulse TR is safe, easy to fly and has a big windrange. The Impulse TR flies easy in light winds so beginners can fly it with confidence, fly it in higher winds and experience the power and excitement of a real powerkite! The Impulse TR is the perfect tool to introduce your kids, spouse, friends or family into the exhilarating world of traction kiting. Its stability and easy controls paired with its ‘bombproof' construction ensure many hours of carefree kiting. The Impulse TR offers a fun and challenging learning curve towards mastering flying powerkites with a controlbar.

Plus points:
• easy handling in a huge usable windrange
• safety and comfort thanks to the 3rd line
• stability
• manufacturing quality

The Impulse TR comes complete, ready to fly, with:
• Impulse TR bag
• 3-line control bar with safety leash
• Dyneema® flying lines
• Trainer kite manual

Line length and strength:
• Impulse TR 1.5m² : 18 meters, 150Kg / brakeline 100Kg
• Impulse TR 2.0m² : 20 meters, 150Kg / brakeline 100Kg
• Impulse TR 3.0m² : 20 meters, 150Kg / brakeline 100Kg

Available colors:
• Impulse TR 1.5m² : White/Orange
• Impulse TR 2.0m² : White/Aqua
• Impulse TR 3.0m² : White/Lime

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Peter Lynn VMPL5530B
Peter Lynn Impulse TR 2016 3-lines kiteboarding Trainers Kites with control bars traction powerkites powerkiting beginners mountainboarding landboarding peterlynn
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