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Pedal Go-Kart BERG...

Pedal Go-Kart BERG Extra Sport BFR-3 - Blue (age 5-99)

Brand: BERG. Reference 07200100.
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Age: 5 + years
Dimensions: 156 x 81 x H. 86 cm
Weight: 44 Kg
Pedal Go-Kart BERG Extra Sport BFR-3 - Blue (age 5-99) - BERG TOYS

There is no stopping you on this BERG Extra BFR-3 Sport! This top go-kart has no less than three gears, a handy coaster brake and a freewheel so that you can take on any adventure. The cool reflector mudguards ensure that you are noticeable in the dark and that you do not get dirty when racing through muddy puddles.

With the three gears of the BFR-3 system, a child can ride even faster and more easily.

• adjustable seat and steering wheel: the go-kart grows with the child
• hub with BFR system: go forward, brake, reverse, using the pedals
BFR-3: 3 gears that are very easy to use
• pneumatic all round tires Ø40 cm for extra comfort
• swing axle: provides extra grip to keep you firmly on the ground
• chain tensioner
• double ballbearing for extremely smooth steering
• maxium load: 100 Kg
two mudguards fitted with reflectors
front spoiler

• Frame: 5 years
• Other parts: 2 years

IMPORTANT: Read all instructions before assembly and use of the product.
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