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Paul and the Moon - A...

Paul and the Moon - A cooperative memory game



Reference 9302345.
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Age: 3 + years
Dimensions: box 37 x 5 x 27 cm
Authors: Les Fées Hilares (Steffanie Yeakle and Marie Chaplet)
Illustrator: Lucile Thibaudier
Players: 1-6 players aged 3 to 8
Duration of play: 5-10 minutes
Contents: 1 Paul's garden (star path and garden pond), 1 play figure Paul, 5 star tiles, 30 sparkle sprites, 1 die with dots, 10 wooden stars, 1 set of instructions with bedtime story.

Paul and the Moon - A cooperative memory game - HABA Games

Oh dear! The moon has lost his radiant magic staff! Without the mystical staff the moon cannot wax, it can only wane. But if the sparkle sprites can build a ladder along the stars before the moon vanishes behind the cloud, Paul may be able to climb up the ladder, returning the magic staff to his friend, the moon. Who would like to help Paul and the sparkle sprites?

• Charming game materials with mattresses, pillows and comforters
• Adorable wooden Penny Pea princess
• Two games in one package, a cooperative and an exciting competitive variation
• The popular HABA classic in a new design
Haba 302345
Games of society Haba game cooperative Children Sleeping to sleep Stories history at tell Paul and the Moon lune cooperative memory Magic stars Fairies baguette Magic shine Steffanie Yeakle Marie Chaplet Les Fées Hilares
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