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Organic baby Ecolo...

Organic baby Ecolo doll 25cm Colinette Pomme d'Amour

Brand: Petitcollin. Reference 632630.
Model stopped.
Age: 10 + months
Dimensions: 25 cm
Material: head and limbs made of soft perfumed vinyl
Organic baby Ecolo doll 25 cm Colinette Pomme d'Amour - Petitcollin Dolls

Doll Colinette 25 cm "Ecolo doll" with clothes "Pomme d'amour". Soft fabric body made of organic cotton. Head, arms and legs made of soft perfumed vinyl. Blue eyes. Blond hair. Clothes made of organic cotton. Packed in a little bag made of organic cotton.

Machine washable. Made in EU.

The "Ecolo dolls" are a result of a sustainable development policy. They were developped and manufactured taking care to respect ethical and ecological standards.

The body and the clothes are made of genuine organic cotton that has been grown without the use of pesticides. The dolls are made in Europe to avoid long distance transport which generates large quantities of CO2 emissions.

The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and can be recycled. The box can be used as a doll bed.

The face, the hands and the legs are made from a very soft vinyl that is perfumed.
Petitcollin 632630
Colinette pommes amour love apples Ecolodoll Dolls 25cm Petitcollin Collin Colin organic cotton toys girls
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