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Nirvana 3E FULL NITRO...
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Nirvana 3E FULL NITRO Ultra-Versatile Sport Kite


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Dimensions: 234 x 95 cm
Wind: Force 1 to 4 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m², Mylar
Version and colour: Nirvana 3E Skyshark Full Nitro - COBALT

Nirvana 3E : the third edition of a legend kite, more versatile than ever

Outstanding abilities for tricks, super precision... the Nirvana has never been so versatile.

This third version of Nirvana has been developed by the R-SKY team: a top-level team searching for top-level, up-to-date flying machines.

With this new Nirvana, the best pilots will find a machine to go further in their dreams and limits. Less experienced pilots will find a kite that is easy to tame, a great source for learning, with a huge potential.

Two versions are available, with two different frame choices:

Nirvana 3E with "Standard" Skyshark
- Leading Edge P200 - 300
- Spreaders 5pt
- Spine 6mm
- Wiskers 3mm
- Top cross 6mm

Nirvana 3E with "Full Nitro" Skyshark (for the Top of the Pops pilots :-))
- Leading Edge + spreaders Nitro STD
- Spine P300
- Wiskers 3mm
- Top cross 6mm

The Nirvana 3E comes with weight, yoyo stoppers, yoyo covers, active uncentered bridle.

Lines and straps sold separately.
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