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My Very First Game...

My Very First Game Collection - Little Music Maker

Brand: Haba. Reference 9301351.
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Age: 2 + years
Authors: Kai Haferkamp, Markus Nikisch
Illustrations: Martina Leykamm
Players: 1-3 players aged 2 and more
Duration: 10 minutes
Contents: 1 game board (illustrated on both sides), 4 hand bells, 1 conductor (Sammy the squirrel), 12 round animal tiles, 12 round bell tiles, 1 die with dots, set of game instructions (multilingual).

My Very First Game Collection - Little Music Maker - Haba Games

Who wants to make some music with Sammy the squirrel? This My Very First Games collection includes 8 different games with simple rules that don't take long to play. Enjoy games of listening to bells, music memory, a musical dice race, games that require you to listen carefully, and cooperative games, as well as games with physical activity. The variety of game ideas, the 4 handbells, and the wonderfully illustrated game materials will ensure hours of entertainment.

- 4 handbells, each with a different ring
- 8 my-very-first listen, music and activity games
- developed by an early childhood music educator
- includes several tips for early childhood music development
Haba 301351
My Very First Games Collections Little Music Makers Haba Kai Haferkamp Markus Nikisch Martina Leykamm childhood music development activity sets box musical listen sounds rythms
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