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My Giant Comforter -...

My Giant Comforter - My Giant Collection

Brand: Ebulobo. Reference 7970004.
Model stopped.
Age: from birth
Dimensions: 20 cm
My Giant Comforter - My Giant Collection

My Giant is now a flat comforter that I take everywhere with me. It is also a hand puppet so Mum and Dad can tell stories, I love it. It is equipped with a pacifier holder so I never lose my dummy.

My Giant comforter comes with a small illustrated book that tells the story of our meeting...

My Giant : a character by Ebulobo
They have a way of surprising us! The creators of the French brand Ebulobo are well known for their collections of soft toys for toddlers "T'es fou Louloup" and "Woodours". We are happy to welcome a new surprising and flashy character: "My Giant". This character with a big smile stimulates emotions for toddlers: at the beginning, he can be a little scaring but soon you see that it is rather nice. And then as soon as you touch him, you discover its exceptional softness and you want to make big hugs with him. A character that will quickly become a super companion... perhaps will you give him a name?
Ebulobo E70004
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