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Mushing Set for Yedoo...

Mushing Set for Yedoo Scooter

Brand: Yedoo. Reference 15113.
Model stopped.
Weight: 255 g
Material: aluminium mount, stainless steel spring (50 cm)
Mushing Set for Yedoo Scooter

Apart from sporting mushers, the scooter mushing set is intended for all dog owners wishing to walk their dogs whilst riding a scooter.

The Yedoo mushing set is practical, lightweight and weather-resistant. Its aluminum mount with galvanized screws is supplemented with a solid spring. The spring is made of stainless wire and processed using technology designed to ensure excellent shape stability.

The set is intended primarily for Yedoo Mezeq, Yedoo Mezeq NEW and Yedoo City NEW scooters, however, it is suitable for all scooters with stem diameter of 25.4 mm. The set prevents the leash from getting in the front wheel.

The tuglines and harness are not included. We recommend buying a high-quality short harness and a minimum 2-meter long tugline with springing to ensure the ideal pull distribution that is friendlier to the dog's back.
Yedoo 15113
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