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Mr Jack Pocket - Card...
Hurrican Games

Mr Jack Pocket - Card Game for 2 players

Brand: Hurrican Games. Reference 345.
Model stopped.
Age: 14 + years
Dimensions: box 11 x 11 x 3,5 cm
Author: Bruno Cathala, Ludovic Maublanc
Illustrator: Jean-Marie Minguez
Players: 2 players aged 14 and above
Duration: 15 minutes
Contents: 9 street tiles, 9 Alibi cards, 3 Detective tokens, 4 double-sided Action tokens, 8 double-sided Time tokens.

Mr Jack Pocket: a rapid and cunning game of hide and seek, for 2 players

The goal of the player who plays Jack is to escape the investigator before dawn or to leave the district by taking advantage of the darkness. For the player who is "the detective", his goal is to uncover which investigator Jack is impersonating and to catch him before dawn...

Each turn is played in 2 stages: the Manhunt and the Appeal for Witnesses. During the first stage, 4 actions are carried out, 2 per player. These actions enable the Detectives to be moved round the District, for example, to change the facing or position of an area or to obtain Alibi cards. During the 2nd stage, there is an Appeal for Witnesses. Mr. Jack tells the Investigator if his character is or is not in the Detectives'line of sight. The Investigator can thus perhaps clear some characters by turning tiles over to their empty side, thereby reducing the number of suspects and closing the net in on Mr. Jack

A version of the famous "Mr Jack" game that is easier to explain, quicker to play and which can be taken anywhere.

Made in Poland.
Hurrican Games MJA04
Mr Jack Pocket Cards Games for two players asmodée Bruno Cathala Ludovic Maublanc Jean Marie Minguez hurrican games editions for crimes detectives holmes strategy tactic
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