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Monster Laundry Speed...

Monster Laundry Speed Game



Reference 9301381.
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Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: metal box W 15 x H 22 x D 15 cm
Author: Rémy Delivorias
Illustrator: Gabriela Silveira
Players: 2 to 5 players aged 7 to 99
Duration of play: 15 minutes
Contents : 48 monster cards (8 different monsters per color; 4 spotted, 4 starred), 40 clothespins (8 pins per color), 12 golden clothespins, 1 elastic washing line, 1 set of game instructions multilingual.

Monster Laundry: A lightning fast rummaging and grabbing game!

Things are livening up in the monster laundry room. Amidst all the scrubbing, rinsing and splashing water is going everywhere ! The monsters have decided to get rid of their monster-sized yucky smell, so they're having a big laundry day. They started to wash everything but it has turned into total bedlam... this is where you come in to set things straight!

As a living clothes horse you goal is to grab the monsters and hang them on the washing line, either on you left-hand or right-hand side, dependingon certain criteria. The fastest player receives a golden clothespin as a reward. The aim of the game is to be the first player to get three of these precious clothespins.

More information :
- you can also play Monster Laundry sitting in a circle of chairs or you can play outside the open ;
- includes 52 real clothespins and a clothesline ;
- includes a super cool washing machine tin box.
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