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Mon Premier Bébé...

Mon Premier Bébé Bath Plouf Pink 30cm Baby Doll

Brand: Corolle. Reference 37010.
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Age: 18 + months
Dimensions: 30 cm
Mon Premier Bébé Bath Plouf Pink 30cm Baby Doll - mon premier Corolle

Mon Premier Bébé Bath Plouf Pink is a small 30cm Mon Premier Corolle baby doll that is "ready to swim" with its removable flippers (included).

This doll loves to swim and splash around in water!

This swimming companion also helps children slowly familiarize themselves with all types of aquatic environments:
• bathtub (soapy water)
• swimming pool (chlorinated water)
• sea (salt water).

There is a tab sewn onto the doll's back so it can be hung up to dry after bathing or playing with water.

Its 30cm size fits perfectly in your child's small arms and is ideal for hugging and cuddling. Its soft body allows it to take on the same positions as a real baby. The doll's face, arms and legs are made of soft vinyl. They are lightly scented with vanilla.

With its sleeping eyes, it falls asleep when put down on its back.
Corolle FBD01R
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