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Mon Premier Bébé...

Mon Premier Bébé Bath Boy Baby Doll - 30cm



Reference 3700045.
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Age: 18 + months
Dimensions: 30 cm
Mon Premier Bébé Bath Boy Baby Doll - 30cm - babi Corolle

Ahoy sailors!

Mon Premier Bébé Bath Boy is the perfect playmate to make water play and baths memorable for your child. This water playmate helps children to become familiar with all bodies of water:
- in the bath (soapy water);
- in the pool (chlorinated water);
- and in the sea (salty water).

Mon Premier Bébé Bath Boy is an 12 inch baby doll, the perfect size for your child to rock and cradle in their arms. The doll's soft body is posable like a real baby. His face, arms and legs are made of touchably soft vinyl. The doll is delicately vanilla scented, ready to make your child's doll hugs as sweet and memorable as you and your child's. With sleepy eyes, he sleeps when he's laid on her back.

The Mon Premier Bébé Bath Boy is dressed in a top and shorts, is wearing a hat and comes with his rubber ducky.

A Corolle doll for bathtimeplay: the baby doll floats!
The sewn-in hanging tab allows the baby doll to dry after bath! A favorite playmate out of the tub, too!
Corolle DNM45
Mon Premier Bébés Bath boys 30cm corolle blue yellow ducks ducky bathers bathing first baby dolls play pretend play role mothers water clothes dress
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