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Micro Scooter White -...
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

Micro Scooter White - Adult

Brand: Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards. Reference 120031.
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Weight: 4,7 kg
Colour: WHITE

The companion for him & her, ideal for longer distances...

No chance to chase the kids on their micros? Do you wish for comfortable and simple mobility? We have the solution: The micro White scooter! Developed particularly for the requirements of adults, this scooter is best suited with its extra large wheels to overcome longer stretches comfortably and quickly. The footboard hangs somewhat lower and thus guarantees an ergonomic and pleasant posture. With its elegant look it is the perfect companion on the campus, in the city or wherever it is used.

- age class: 18 +
- kind of wheel: hard rubber (PU)
- surface kind: asphalt
- surface kind: cobblestone
- application mode: mobility and movement
- size of wheel: 200 mm
- kind of folding: collapsible
- maximum load: 100 kg
- special features: height-adjustable handlebar
- special features: fender

About Micro Scooters
Often copied, never equaled, the Micro scooters are robust and designed for your everyday pleasure. They benefit from a 4-year warranty and the brand also guarantee the availability of spare parts of your scooters for 10 years... "You do not change a Micro, you get it repaired!"
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards SA0031
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