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MBS F5 ratchet...
MBS Mountainboards

MBS F5 ratchet Bindings (pair of)


MBS Mountainboards

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MBS F5 ratchet Bindings (pair of) - Pieces and accessories for mountainboards

F5 bindings are MBS' top of the line bindings - ideal for anyone from pint-sized beginners to full-grown pros. Being MBS' strongest, most comfortable, and most adjustable binding yet the F5s are a no-brainer upgrade for anyone riding with earlier versions of F-series bindings.

'MBS' F5 Binding features include:
- Increased size adjustability with toe-post cam-lock adjustment (coarse adjustment) and heel post-ratchet buckle (fine adjustment and ratcheting).
- Improved ergonomics and pad comfort with thick dual-density padding
- Improved ratchet buckle release. Ratchet down as tight as you want and still release with a single finger.
- Integrated ladder/bracket system. We've combined two separate parts (L-brackets and Ladder straps into a single integrated L-Ladder eliminating the need for strap mounting screws altogether. Not only does this reduce weight it eliminates the possibility of strap screws ever coming loose.)
- Wider Entry Spacing makes it easier to get feet out and back in again for no-foot tricks.
- Integrated Heel Strap Mounting bosses
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MBS F5 ratchets Bindings pairs of mtbs atbs accessory accessories pieces parts boards feet foot straps spare replacements black
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