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Maxi Micro Pink -...
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

Maxi Micro Pink - Scooter for ages 5-12

Brand: Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards. Reference 120053.
Model stopped.
Age: 5 + years
Weight: 2,5 kg
Colour: PINK

Too big for the mini micro but still too small for the micro kickboards? Well then, welcome to the maxi micro Kids! We developed the maxi micro, so that your children did not have to forego their accustomed mobility. Just like the mini micro it conveys a unique riding experience thanks to its special weight control and is ideal for going to school or for a stroll in town. The maxi micro comes in various trendy colours and the T-handlebars can be replaced with a stick with knobs.

- age class: 5-12 years
- kind of wheel: hard rubber (PU)
- surface kind: asphalt
- application mode: mobility and movement
- size of wheel: 120/85 mm (PU)
- kind of folding: collapsible
- maximum load: 50 kg
- special features: height-adjustable handlebar

About Micro Scooters
Often copied, never equaled, the Micro scooters are robust and designed for your everyday pleasure. They benefit from a 4-year warranty and the brand also guarantee the availability of spare parts of your scooters for 10 years... "You do not change a Micro, you get it repaired!"
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards MM0053
micro maxi pink classical children scooters seating bars T mini alu aluminum three wheels bars direction handles polyurethane asphalt directions children teens
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