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Maxi Cooker The French...

Maxi Cooker The French Cocotte - Pretend-play Toy

Brand: Janod. Reference 4806543.
Model stopped.
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Age: 3 + years
Dimensions: 59,5 x 34 x 82,5 cm
Material: wood
Maxi Cooker The French Cocotte - Pretend-play Toy by Janod

Prepare tasty little dishes for your friends, just like mom and dad, and become a Little Chef!

This wooden Maxi Kitchen includes several accessories: 3 wooden magnetic spoons, one casserole with lid, a frying pan with a fried egg and a glove.

Just like a real kitchen, it features two dials with sound effects to turn on the two induction cookers, an oven and a cupboard with magnetic doors, a stainless steel sink and a clock.

A word from Marc Viennet, designer
One fine summer day, as I had a kitchen project to design, I saw a grey chicken behind a window. I started drawing. The "cocotte" (a French word meaning both "het" and "pot") became a logo and the hound's-tooth pattern was an obvious choice. "The French Cocotte" collection was born: pretend-play toys allowing kids to cook like grown-ups.

Janod: timeless toys, contemporary design...
Since 1970, Janod designs games and toys. Made of fine materials, their playful, clever and long-lasting products are an essential part of the daily lives of children young and old. Theses instantly recognisable products exude that special something that sets French products apart and that is a fundamental part of Janod's singular signature style.
Janod J06543
Maxi Cookers The French Cocottes Pretend play wooden Toys role cooking imitate red hens little chefs
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