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Mary-Anne Princess...
Souza for kids

Mary-Anne Princess Dress - Costume for girl


Souza for kids

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Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: length of skirt 73 cm
Mary-Anne Princess Dress - Costume for girl - A costume for child by Souza for kids

This dress is gorgeous! Beautiful sparkling colors between orange and fuchsia, beautiful fabrics... People will notice your presence! Have you seen there is a ring inserted into the bottom of the skirt to ensure a loose fit around the ankles?

Elastic waist and large zippered opening in the back: in addition to being beautiful, this costume for girls is easy to put on.

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About "Souza for Kids" costumes...
In the Souza for Kids collection, the designer has tried to use washable materials as much as possible. Because of the design, the clothes are easy for children to use and they are very durable. The size range is extensive, so it's perfect for the growing child. With the large range of design available, these costumes are great for both parties and for playing at home!
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