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Marie-Françoise Original Doll 40 cm Petite fille modèle

Brand: Petitcollin. Reference 284028.
Model stopped.
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Age: 3 + years
Dimensions: 40 cm
Material: body made of polyethylene, head made of soft vinyl
Hair colour: blond, long
Eye colour: blue, sleeping, with eyelashes

Marie-Françoise - Petite fille modèle - Doll made in France by Petitcollin

Numbered Edition in a "Deluxe" box containing two outfits

A great quality doll with all the know-how of the French brand Petitcollin, in the doll as well as in the details of clothes and accessories.

About Petitcollin dolls
Founded in 1860, the Petitcollin company has been designing and manufacturing dolls and baby dolls for more than a century. Their unique knowledge is renowned all over the world.
Petitcollin 284028
Marie Françoise Original Dolls 40cm petites filles modèles paris parisians Petitcollin Petitcolin collin colin tall girls quality made in France French blond hair blue eyes sleeping limited numbered edition deluxe sets box suitcases with two outfits clothes cloths
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