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Leon XL Combi -...

Leon XL Combi - Single- AND Dual-line Kite



Reference 181045.
Model stopped.
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Dimensions: 118 x 112 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 5 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Polyester
Recommended lines: Included
Frame: Fiberglass
Designer : Christoph Fokken (Germany)

Leon XL Combi by Spiderkites : the 2-in-1 kite, single-line or dual-line, depending on your mood!

Two kites in one, twice more fun! The Leon XL Combi is a large kite (118x112cm) that suits your needs: single-line kite, it rises into the sky at the end of one line, offering a poetic show with its 10 meters long stabilizer tail. Dual-line kite, you are controlling of a playful machine, you choose the trajectory and speed. Enjoy playing with the wind!

The transition from one mode to another is very simple since the Leon Combi XL comes with two types of lines: a line on round handle for the single-line mode and a pair of lines on winder with wrist straps for dual-line "stunt" mode.

In its wind range, Leon XL Combi keeps a moderate traction and speed. This is a family kite for young and old, beginners and experienced.

Recommanded wind range (Beaufort):
• single-line : Force 2 to 4
• dual-line: Force 2 to 5

Comes complete with tail, lines, handles, carrybag.
Spiderkites 181045

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