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Large Sand Sculpting Set

Large Sand Sculpting Set

Brand: Haba. Reference 9301438.
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Age: 18 + months
Dimensions: width about 20 cm
Material: pp-plastic
Contents: 1 mason's trowel, 1 sand-water rake, 1 sand drill, 1 knife.

Perfect for experienced sand artists: contains everything needed to build sand castles and sculptures...

Haba Sand play toys
Sculpting, drilling, smoothing, heaping, drawing... everything that children can get up to with wet sand - as long as there two sand molding sets are in the game. Smaller ones are challenged to try out the basic functions of the tools and older ones to shape fantasy sand castles and sculptures. A good sense of touch and an eye for detail are needed. To finish, they can decorate their sand art-work however they want with pebbles, shells and other natural materials!
Haba 301438
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