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Kullerbü - Play Track...

Kullerbü - Play Track Zoom City



Reference 9302061.
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Age: 2 + years
Material: beech wood, plastic
Kullerbü - Play Track Zoom City - Haba Toys

• a myriad of components and exciting features provide highly diverse Kullerbü play environments
• unlimited Kullerbü rolling fun: red ball convertible, blue speedster and Engineer Egon's train in one huge set
• different heights for maximum momentum
• clever click system: durable slip-proof enjoyment
• maximum flexibility: Kullerbü elements are endlessly interchangeable

Contents: 1 large gateway, 1 gateway, 1 archway with little bell, 4 wavy curves, 4 columns, 4 ramps, 1 exit ramp, 5 straight tracks, 8 curves, 1 swing-switch rail, 1 traffic light, 29 connecting elements, 1 Engineer Egon's train (= 1 locomotive, 2 wagons, 1 ball Engineer Egon, 2 balls), 1 red ball convertible, 1 blue speedster, 1 ball Paul.

A toy designed for ages 2 to 8.

This set is compatible with all the other "Kullerbü" sets by Haba as well as with the many accessories designed to extend your constructions.

Made in Germany.

About Ball Track Rollerby by Haba
Rolling, rolling... Rollerby! Here the balls perform at their best and highest. They roll accross the colourful play scenes, rattle over steep curves, zip past gates and windmills. The clever click system permits subtle adjustments in the heights to guarantee non-slip stability. Aside from being secure, an added benefit is that the large balls with cute faces and the many fantastic effects provide everlasting excitement for the youngest. Older children can make up their own experiments and try thier own architectural variations of the Rollerby.
Haba 302061
Kullerbü Ball Tracks Play Track zoom city with model cars cabs convertibles trains large big boxes sets circuits wooden toys building Haba Selection special edition first
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