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Kendama Play Hardwood K

Kendama Play Hardwood K

Brand: Kendama. Reference 20051.
Model stopped.
Age: 7 + years
Dimensions: W 7 x H 18,5 x D 6 cm
Weight: ball: 75g
Material: beech/walnut wood
Collection: Play Hard Wood K
Colour: wood

luxury in your hands

Kendama is the Japanese version of the traditonal "Cup-and-ball" wooden toy, with a lot more possibilities because the ball may be placed at various places on the handle.

If you like the traditonal "Cup-and-ball", you will love Kendama!

The PLAY HARDWOOD K was originally designed and built in close teamwork between Kendama experts and institutions worldwide. It is a precious premium kendama for the worlds best Players. The optimum shape and balance has been achieved through the use of noble hardwood. If you want to hold a piece of luxury in your hands, the play hardwood K will be your choice.

A very noble Kendama, for very special occasions. Take good care of it!

This model is approved by the European Kendama Association (EKA).

Comes with a spare string (40cm) and an illustrated leaflet (in English).
Document for download: PLAY Kendama_manual_FR
Kendama 2005
hardwood wooden k Master sport kendama skill games bilboquet cup and ball approved by the european kendama association for competitions wooden toys ken dama natural
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