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Indian Soft Darts -...
Scratch Europe

Indian Soft Darts - Game of Skill


Scratch Europe

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Age: 5 + years
Darts: Ø6,5 x 23 cm
Static stickers: Ø 21,5 cm
Contents: 4 static stickers and 2 darts

Indian Soft Darts - Scratch Toys and Games

Go and hunt the wild animals just like the Indians! Children can play this fantastically unique darts game with 2 arrows and 4 static window stickers inside and outside. Challenge your adversary by putting the stickers with the most points in a spot that's difficult to reach. The player with the highest number of points can really call himself a valiant warrior! The arrows that come with the game are soft and safe for children, as the ends are made of foam, making it easy for them to stick to smooth surfaces. Darts is a great game for old and young alike, so your child will definitely not get bored very soon!

Static stickers are reusable. They stick on most smooth surfaces and are easily removable.
Scratch Europe 6182515
Indian Soft Darts Games of Skills scratch europe hunting hunters static stickers boys birthday animations targets
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