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HQ Symphony Pro - 2-line Power Kite


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Age: 14 + years
Dimensions: 220 x 73 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 6 (Beaufort)
Sail: Ripstop Nylon
Recommended lines: Included
HQ Symphony Pro : the strong and performant family 2-line kite

In this "Pro" version, the Symphony is close to perfection! First, the kite is made from Ripstop-Nylon, known for its solidity (the "Beach" version is made from Polyester). Sewn Dyneema bridles provide low-drag and strength for performance that is fast, stable and smooth. Special care was taken to the reinforcements and finishes to meet the most demanding pilots. The kite comes complete with lines and wrist straps, in a nice compact carrying case.

- size 1.3m for ages 8+, wind range 10 to 49 km/h, Blendline 2x20m/45kg
- size 1.8m for ages 12+, wind range 10 to 49 km/h, Dyneema lines 2x25m/100kg
- size 2.2m for ages 14+, wind range 8 to 49 km/h, Dyneema lines 2x25m/140kg
- size 2.5m for ages 14+, wind range 6 to 49 km/h, Dyneema lines 2x25m/140kg

So this is a fun and sturdy little powerkite, built to last long. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots who will appreciate its flight behavior, speed and power. The larger sizes have impressive pull, so be prepared to lean back and hold on.

The HQ Symphony Pro is a quality family kite.
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HQ Symphony Beach III two lines Powerkites Kites beginners simple easy family quality invento hqinvento
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