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Go Cuckoo! A wobbly...

Go Cuckoo! A wobbly nest-building game

Brand: Haba. Reference 9301825.
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Age: 4 + years
Dimensions: box 9 x 9 x 26 cm
Authors: Viktor Bautista i Roca and Josep Maria Allué
Illustrations: Gabriela Silveira
Players: 2-5 players aged 4 to 99
Duration of play: approx. 15 minutes
Contents: 1 nesting site, 1 Kiki Cuckoo, 70 wooden sticks, 20 cuckoo eggs, 1 game instructions sheet.

Go Cuckoo! - A wobbly nest-building game - HABA Games

Who can help Kiki Cuckoo build a nest for her eggs? Be careful! As soon as a few suitable twigs are on the nest you must gently rest a cuckoo egg on top, the fragile eggs may tumble down a half-built nest! It takes finesse and a little luck to be the first to place all of your wooden eggs safely in the nest. But that's not all, the winner will be the one who can then securely place the wooden Kiki Cuckoo bird on top of the nest of twigs!

• 70 wooden sticks and 20 cuckoo eggs
• cool 3-D set-up
Haba 301825
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