Sia Sola - Jeu de logique solitaire en bois

Sia Sola - Wooden Solitary Game of logic

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Dimensions :
Materials : solid oiled beechwood

Author: Oliver Schaudt

SIA SOLA : a logical and logistic challenge for Solitaire players

"The entrance to a harbour is generally marked with rows of floating buoys. Depending in which direction a Ship is travelling, it either passes by the green boys on the left hand side and the red ones on the right or the opposite way around. The ship should however not sail through two buoys of the same colour. Try to imagine two different coloured buoys changing places with each other after the ship has passed by".

This is the idea of SIA SOLA.

The aim of SIA SOLA is to swap the positions of the two largest pieces. The small pieces determine the possibilities of movement of the large pieces. The movement of the large pieces however alters the positions of the small pieces.

The game has 32 cards with pre-determined starting positions. They show the minimum amount of necessary moves and the level of difficulty. Even when you can't figure it out, the solutions are always at hand.

The fascination of this Solitaire game is not just to find one sole solution but 32 different ones. The comprehensive starting positions also present a demanding challenge to the player.

• 1 Board made of solid oiled beechwood
• Pieces made of lacquered wood,
• 32 Cards with starting positions

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