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Finesse Diabolo with...
Mister Babache

Finesse Diabolo

Brand: Mister Babache. Reference 2005/.
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Weight: 245 g
Material: Hirex
Diameter: 135 mm
Width: 130 mm

The Finesse diabolo is a great that can be tuned through a series of kits that fit the device.

Lighter than the Circus (55 grams less), the Finesse will be better for a child who practice for long hours.

For a teen / adult, the choice between Finesse and Circus is a matter of taste.

Use the drop-down menu to choose your version:
• diabolo Finesse alone (you will choose your string and handsticks separately)
• diabolo Finesse with Henry's string and Mister Babache wooden handsticks
• diabolo Finesse with Henry's string and black aluminium handsticks

Colours according to arrivals. If you want to choose a colour, call us on +33 (0)297 475 692 before confirming your order. We will tell you the colours available.
Mister Babache
finesse diabolos mister babache juggling with wooden sticks handsticks
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