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Ferrule for Aero Stuff...
Aero Stuff

Ferrule for Aero Stuff GOLD


Aero Stuff

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Material: carbon
Aero Stuff Carbon : carbon tubes for competition kites

The Japanese brand Aero Stuff develops high performance frames for high-end sport kites.

Three kinds of tubes have been designed, targetting specific programs:
• Gold for kites with a large wingspan (250/260 cm)
• Gold S for versatile kites (wingspan 230/240 cm)
• Blue for radical freestyle kites (wingspan 210/220 cm)

Gold and Gold S tubes offer great stiffness and are very strong. Blue tubes are ultra-light tubes offering an amazing stiffness but they are also more fragile.

Aero Stuff Tube Specifications
ModelCodeLength in centimetersWeight in gramsTarget kitesFerrule to use
GoldAS-4P83cm14,8gWingspan 250/260 cmIF
Gold SAS-4PS83cm14,5gWingspan 230/240 cmIF-S
BlueAS-2PSB83cm10,7gFreestyle Kite, wingspan 210/220 cmIF-S

Real signature of the brand, the ferrules are bi-conical and feature a unique connection technique in the world.
Aero Stuff Ferrule Specifications
ModelLength in centimetersWeight in gramsTo be used with
IF-S11cm2,5gGold S, Blue

Aero Stuff IF
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