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Fendo - Game of...
Gerhards Spiel und Design

Fendo - Game of strategy for two


Gerhards Spiel und Design

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Age: 10 + years
Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm
Material: solid oiled beechwood
Author: Dieter Stein
Players: 2 players aged 10 and up
Duration of play: 30 minutes approx.

Fendo : divide areas, create boundaries and occupy squares!

The game is played on a 7-x-7 board with 49 spaces overall. In the beginning, the board is empty except for two pawns standing on opposite sides. You move the pawns in a straight line, but are also allowed one right angle turn. After that, you put a stick in a groove adjacent to the pawn you just moved.
On each turn, you have the option of moving a pawn that is already on the board and/or marking a boundary, or placing a new pawn.

In FENDO, there is always only one open area that may contain several pawns and any number of boundary sticks, and separated, enclosed areas with exactly one pawn in each. In the end, each player counts and scores for the squares of the enclosed areas in which he has a pawn.

The new game by the Mensa Award winner allows ingenious moves, in which it often happens that a player who thought to be safe can still suffer a turn-around.

Warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months! Choking hazard!

• gameboard made of solid beechwood
• 7 white pawns, 7 orange pawns, 50 black sticks
• game rules

About Gerhards' games
These games combine creativity with an elegant design and the highest quality craftsmanship. They make playfull presents that are appreciated for their great design.

Made in Germany.
Gerhards Spiel und Design 52001876
Fendo Games of strategy for two players teens adults gerards gerhards spielunddesign und design nice wooden games play adults gifts presents Dieter Stein spielgut gut
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