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Escape from Pirate...

Escape from Pirate Cove - Cooperative memory game

Brand: Haba. Reference 9302790.
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Age: 5 + years
Dimensions: box 15 x 23 x 4,5 cm
Author: Cyril Fay
Illustrator: Claus Stephan
Players: 2-4 players aged 5 to 99
Duration of play: approx. 15 minutes
Contents: 1 Pirate Cove game board, 1 ghost of Capt'n Whitebeard figure, 30 ocean tiles, 1 fortune coin, 4 treasure chest layouts, 1 die.

Escape from Pirate Cove - A cooperative memory adventure - HABA Games

Anyone who thinks that ghost ships and the fearsome ghost of Capt'n Whitebeard are just spooky seaman's stories is wrong. To retrieve the legendary gold treasure from dangerous Pirate Cove, the crew must work together. Skillful strategy and a little luck will allow you to escape from Capt'n Whitebeard, defeat all the ghost ships and fight your way out of the cove to freedom!

• Teamwork and adventure
• Excitement for the whole family

Made in Germany.
Haba 302790
Games of society Haba game cooperative Children cooperative memory cooperation adventure team family the legend of captain beard White Ships Ghosts Captions Marine crew Cyril Fay the Moon lune cooperative memory Magic stars Fairies baguette Magic shine Steffanie Yeakle Marie Chaplet Les Fées Hilares
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