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EGRET One-S - Electric...

EGRET One-S - Electric Scooter

Brand: EGRET. Reference 95700.
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Weight: 16 kg
EGRET One-S - Electric Scooter

The ONE-S is an evolution of the "ONE", a known and recognized model developed by the German brand EGRET which is also a reference in the landscape of urban mobility.

The main specificity of this model lies in the "S" like "Suspension". The ONE-S is equipped with a rear suspension that will satisfy users looking for comfort. The maximum speed of this model is also raised to 35 km/h (against 20 km/h for the ONE V3), for a slightly lower autonomy (around 20 km against 25 for the ONE V3).

Innovative technology, quality design, robustness and reliability: the EGRET ONE-S was designed to provide a reliable and efficient solution to your mobility needs... and it is also great fun to use!

Give a few foot pulses to start your scooter, then use the dial on your right hand to control speed... Wouahou! You are on a light vehicle with an autonomy of about 20 kilometers and a maximum speed of 35 km/h... Happiness! To brake, you have a handle on your left hand and the energy released during braking is recovered by the battery. You will also appreciate the little bell to signal your presence, because the ONE-S is particularly silent. And if you run out of battery, the ONE-S works perfectly as any good old scooter: push!!!

On the practical side, the EGRET ONE-S folds in a gesture: it is easy to put in a car trunk, to take in the bus or subway, or store on your boat. The handlebar is adjustable in height (3 positions) to suit users measuring between 130 to 200 cm.

The ONE-S comes with an instruction manual and its charger that runs on a single outlet (allow 4-6 hours for a full charge).

Maximum load: 120 kg
Dimensions unfolded: 97 x 56 x 117 cm
Dimensions folded: 94 x 18 x 33 cm

Caution: The EGRET ONE-S is not yet street legal (approved for use on public roads)!
The EGRET ONE-S may currently be used anywhere where road traffic rules and regulations do not apply. This may include: Private property, harbour areas, airport and exhibition grounds as well as parks and woodland areas, depending on the signs posted. Please only use your EGRET ONE-S on this kind of property, if no other regulation prohibits the use. Europe-wide on-road approval is under progress, EGRET is working on it in collaboration with other brands like Honda, Segway or Toyota. We strongly recommend wearing a helmet.
EGRET 95700
EGRET One OneS ONE-S suspensions rear back comfortable fast Electric Scooters german brand urban mobility means of transport daily moving
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