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E-Micro One V4 -...
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards

E-Micro One V4 - Motion-Controlled Electric Scooter

Brand: Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards. Reference 12004.
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E-Micro One V4 Motion-Controlled Electric Scooter

It is now fully developed: the E-Micro One is available and ready to take you anywhere! Ultra compact, lightweight, high performance, this is the first electric scooter with motion-control technology... Some will be jealous !!!

Electric assistance
The E-Micro One recognizes your movements. Its motor in the rear wheel supports you "naturally". To start, give a boost and the engine will assist you. To keep moving forward, push the ground with the foot, or give a slight pulse on the board. If you enter a slope, the motor assistance increases automatically.

To brake, you have a rear brake as on any Micro scooter, with the difference that the energy released during braking is recovered by the battery!

To stop the engine, press three times on the brake. Then your scooter works "manually", without assistance, as a normal scooter. A very useful detail when you run out of battery.

Performance-wise, the 500 Watt engine is really pleasant: maximum speed of 25km/h, assistance autonomy of about 12 kilometers... The charging time is only 60 minutes with a charger comparable to that of a laptop (simple 220 Volt AC outlet).

On the practical side, there is the expertise of Micro: proven fast folding mechanism, stand, telescopic tube for an effective height adjustment, brake covering the rear wheel and front fender... everything is done to facilitate your daily urban trips... sidewalks, bus, subway, car, asphalt... the E-One Micro will transform your mobility.

Maximum load: 100 kg
Dimensions unfolded: 78 x H.99,5 cm (handlebar with 49 cm)
Dimensions folded: 78 x H.22,5 cm (handlebar with 49 cm)
Micro Mobility Scooters & Kickboards EM0004
E-Micro One V4 2016 Motion Controlled Electric Scooters urban mobility adults teens teenagers move city means of transport
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