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DIY Sled Kite Set for...
Colours in Motion

DIY Sled Kite Set for 12 sled Kites


Colours in Motion

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Age: 6 + years
Sled Kite: 66 x 50 cm
Line: 60 meters on handle (12x)

DIY Sled Kite Set for 12 sled Kites

This set contains everything you need to make 12 "sled" kites.

The kites are made of Tyvek which can be easily decorated with the included wax crayons.

Beginning with pencilling the kite on Tyvek, designing and painting an individual kite sail and trimming the lines, all steps will be done by oneself. Even the black tails are self made.

You obtain a beautiful kite (66 x 50 cm), ready to fly! What a pleasure to fly a customized - unique - kite!

An activity to do at home, in the classroom, activity center, etc. This set is made for groups.
Colours in Motion KA11100
make your own diy and colour your sleds soft single line white tyvek paper kites creative kits activities kids children educational manual schools colours colors groups twelve sets workshops
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