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Cushion Raspberries
Little Big Room by Djeco

Cushion Raspberries

Brand: Little Big Room by Djeco. Reference 114414.
Model stopped.
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Dimensions: 40 x 40 cm
Material: Cotton cover, polyester interior
"Raspberries" Cushion - Little Big Room by Djeco

Feature: removable cushion, sewing through color and double-sided.

For a full day eyes and sleep very smooth on the pillow.

While soft, pillow Djeco with its 100% cotton cover also serves as a decoration! For a theme room or just a touch of madness he marvels. With different patterns on both side of the bag to remind us of the cosmos and the stars he turns in all situations.

About "Little Big Room" by Djeco:
Once upon a time there was a collection of poetic and whimsical objects. One day, for a photo shoot, the Djeco team to create a children's room décor. A whole new universe came to life before them, the project was born! Parents can draw inspiration from the following atmospheres and adapt them to design the child's room of their dreams...

Cover washable at 40°.
Little Big Room by Djeco DD04414
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