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Cosmos Ultra Light -...
Air-One Kites

Cosmos Ultra Light - Freestyle Stunt Kite

Brand: Air-One Kites. Reference 31302.
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Wingspan: 228 cm
Wind: Force 2 to 3 (Beaufort)
Sail: Polyester Icarex PC31 g/m², Mylar
Bridle: 3 points
Frame: Skyshark
Conception and design: Pascal Vection & Laurent Marcy

The Cosmos is a kite that has been designed for freestyle! It allows to easily perform all the tricks, on the front or on the back: Tazz, 540, slot machine, multi lazy, ours des prairies, grizzly, etc...

Yoyos in 1 or 2 steps have never been so easy and the crazy copter... enormous!

For basic tricks, it's great fun: clean and easy.

The Cosmos also benefits from its size, slightly bigger than the average size in this category: it offers a good precision and allows freestyle flying in a nice wind range, even within low winds. The Standard version will fly as soon as 5km/h ; the UL and SUL versions allow to fly "real" freestyle with less than 5 km/h of wind!

Within stronger winds, we appreciate the soft pull of the kite in the hands: it is good for the pilot's arms and allows longer sessions... and as one says, the longer the better ;-)

The COSMOS is available in several versions:

• Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark P300
• Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark P300
• Spine: Skyshark P300
• Spreaders: Skyshark 5PT
• Fabric: Icarex + Mylar
• Bridle: 3 points
• Wind Range: 5 to 38 km/h

• Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark P100
• Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark P100
• Spine: Skyshark P200
• Spreaders: Skyshark 3PT
• Fabric: Icarex + Mylar + Dacron
• Bridle: 3 points
• Wind range: 5 to 20 km/h

• Lower Leading Edge: Skyshark 2PT
• Upper Leading Edge: Skyshark 2PT
• Spine: Skyshark 2PT
• Spreaders: Skyshark 2PT
• Fabric: Icarex + Mylar
• Bridle: 3 points
• Wind range : 1 to 15 km/h

This sport kite is made ​​in France. Like all kites by Air-One Kites, this kite is numbered (number printed on leading edge).

Lines and straps sold separately.
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