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Chief Boom Pat-a-bang...

Chief Boom Pat-a-bang - Rhythmic game of reactions



Reference 9301074.
Model stopped.
Age: 6 + years
Dimensions: Box 27 x 37 cm
Authors: Stefan Dorra, Manfred Reindl
Players: 3 to 5 players aged 6 to 99
Contents: 1 tambourine, 5 hand-paddles, 1 set of cards and game rules with different levels (multilingual).

A rhythmic game of reactions!

Drum strokes echo throughout the tee pee village. Big chief Boom Pat-a-bang is searching for the best rhythm reader among the American indians. Diligently he drums the wildest rhythms to reverberate throughout the prairie. However only the one who decodes the secret message they carry can become the assistant of the deaf medicine man... Whoever is the fastest at recognizing the drumming sequence, strikes the correct motifs with the swatter and collects the most cards in the end, can win this game!

Playing game FEX developed by Haba
In co-operation with the ZNL Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning at the University of Ulm. These games foster children's executive functions.
Executive functions control our thinking and behavior and are therefore vital for successful learning and the controlling of one's emotions. In this sense, having losts of of fun and excitement makes children fit for learning!
Haba 301074
educational instructional instructive Haba fex game of company speed cards children head of tribe Indian guess its taptap drum pace guess
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