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Charlos Cat Back Pack...

Charlos Cat Back Pack - Déglingos School

Brand: Déglingos. Reference 7935018.
Model stopped.
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Age: 2 + years
Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm
Cleaning: machine washable, cold wash, air dry.

Charlos takes the form of a strong backpack with adjustable straps and Velcro closures.

CHARLOS the cat
"I am the comicos of the band and I always have a funny up my sleevos. Ok, here's a good one for you - What do you get when you cross a cat with a tree? A cat-a-log! Hee-hee. There's lots more where that came from... but I'll stop for now. Ciaos amigos, keep laughing!"

DÉGLINGOS (de-GLING-goes): common noun. Animalos molto funnios and muy crazios. A unique species of contagiously quirky animals, the Deglingos speak their own language which consists of finishing many words with "os". They all hope to win the upcoming Deglingos Idol competition and can be found living in the best shops in town. They are currently "rehearsaling" their first song and hope it will come out soon.
Déglingos D35007
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