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Chainmail Knight Cape...
Great Pretenders

Chainmail Knight Cape - Kid Costume ages 5-6

Brand: Great Pretenders. Reference 55905.
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Age: 5 + years
Chainmail Knight Cape - Kid Costume - Costumes and accessories by Great Pretenders

You might not always have someone watching your back, so don't forget to grab your Chainmail Cape before charging off into battle! Fully lined with a soft knit, this realistic armoured cape features a new textile that looks like real chainmail and feels like a soft silky robe. The cape is emphasized with an off-the-shoulder closure, and trimmed entirely with a faux-metallic finish.

Warning: this cape is sold on its own. The hooded tunique, the sword, the other clothes and accessories shown on the picture are not included.

A costume for children aged 5-6.
Great Pretenders GP55905
Chainmail Knights Capes Kids Costumes children greatpretenders pretenders boys disguise carnival middle age
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