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Cast Puzzle metal Twist

Cast Puzzle metal Twist

Brand: Hanayama. Reference 473746.
Model stopped.
Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: Ø 40 mm
Material: Metal
Designer: Oskar van Deventer (Netherlands)
Difficulty: 4/6 (1 = very easy; 6 = very hard)

Using the grooves, slide the protrusions and attempt to complete this very complicated puzzle. The asymmetrical design will mesmerize you and bewilder you memory. The movement is definitely a twist. The theme for this puzzle is tangle.

The Cast Puzzle... Britain in the 19th Century. The nobles and citizens, brimming over with pretentiousness and curiousity is said to have created the boom in puzzles. A great variety of puzzles came to exist duuring this period, speaking for the times. Among those puzzles, we began to attempt to bring back to life the "Casted Metal Puzzle". The material, die cast zinc, is made by melting and pouring a zinc alloy into a metal mold. Upon its completion after grueling effort, the puzzle series was named the "Cast Puzzle" series. This is due to its manufactoring process name, the die cast method.

No solution included.
Hanayama J01298
Hanayama puzzles metal games die cast twist level 4
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