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Cast Puzzle metal Nutcase

Cast Puzzle metal Nutcase

Brand: Hanayama. Reference 473763.
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Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: boîte 7,5 x 11,9 x 4,5 cm
Material: metal
Skill level: 6 out of 6 (1 = very easy; 6 = very hard)

Cast Puzzle metal Nutcase - Cast Puzzle Hanayama

There are two goals to the Cast Nutcase created by the Dutch puzzle inventor, Oskar:

1. Remove the small nut by disassembling the Cast Nutcase.

2. Cast puzzle enthusiasts (nutcase) can enjoy trying to change the wording on the bolt from "nut-case" to "case-nut".

The key word is "interlocking".

Solution not included.
Hanayama CP763
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