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Cartum Magic Trick

Cartum Magic Trick



Reference 119936.
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Age: 8 + years
Dimensions: 21 x 14 x 1,5 cm
Design: Arthur Leboeuf
Concept: Marion Fau, Frédo Fabulo
Multilingual Set.

Magic trick "Cartum": Card Trick...

The magician wields the cards with an expert hand... Pick any card you like - he always knows which one you chose.

A set for 8-12 years: accessible tricks involving logic and manipulation.

Djeco Magic: a series of magic tricks presented in beautiful boxes imitating books of magic, to constitute a real library of magician!

Small cards help the child remember the story of his trick; a sealed envelope provides the explanations necessary to complete the trick; the child is advised to watch a demonstration on the "Magic" website by Djeco. With a secret code to scratch on the envelope, the child can discover the valuable explanations of the Djeco magician.

With real magicians as their guide and inspiration, Djeco have delved into secrets of magic and is now passing them on to children to enjoy. Each trick comes complete with its own story that creates a world of wonder around the children and their spellbinding feats. The high-quality magic props elevate the excitement of make-believe. Text cards set the place, which helps children develop the story. Finally, various accessories are included to help children attract the attention of the audiences and lead them on this extraordinary journey through the looking glass.
Djeco DJ09936
Djeco Cartum Magic tricks sets learning magical tricks little magicians show circus cards
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