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Building a crystal...
dieters holzspielzeug

Building a crystal radio - Creative and science Kit

Brand: dieters holzspielzeug. Reference 19115.
Model stopped.
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Age: 12 + years
Dimensions: box 12,5 x 17 x 3,5 cm
Building a crystal radio - Creative and science Kit

An electronic kit from prepared pieces, for children aged 12 and up.

The first "radios" were available at the beginning of the Twenties in the last century. These radios still functioned without power (neither battery nor cable). The only "connections" needed by this detector are an antenna and an earth or ground.

Using this kit you can build your own crystal radio using the included parts: a germanium diode, a spool of wire, an earphone, wooden parts and screws. Put it all together and listen to your local station!

A construction kit for children aged 12 and up. Conveys basic understanding of physical principles.

Made in Germany.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to the danger of suffocation due to the swallowing of small parts and of injury from functional sharp parts.
dieters holzspielzeug 19115
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