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Bubble Bath Bunny - My...

Bubble Bath Bunny - My very first games

Brand: Haba. Reference 9301335.
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Age: 2 + years
Dimensions: box 15 x 23 x 6,5 cm
Author: Miriam Koser
Illustrations: Outi Kaden
Players: 2-4 players aged 2 and more
Contents: 1 game board, 1 mummy trap (bowl with 20 boulders and 1 Pharaoh‘s staff), 6 adventurers, 1 mummy, 24 scarabs, 8 burial chamber markers, 16 pyramid markers, 8 desert markers, 1 debris bag, 1 set of instructions (multilingual).

Bubble Bath Bunny: a cute game collection for 2 to 4 children aged 2 and more. "My very first game" series, Haba.

Bubble Bath Bunny is splashing about in the bath tub with his two ducks when suddenly his toys disappear in the suds. Where are the bucket, whale and boat? Whoever can correctly recognize colors and symbols, can help little bunny find all his bath toys.

- super 3-D-Game
- with memory, guessing and language games

Made in Germany.
Haba 301335
Bubble Bath Bunny My very first games Haba collections Miriam Koser Outi Kaden rules kids children young ones guess language memory bunnies rabbits
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