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Brakes for Stunt Kite
Air-One Kites

Brakes for Stunt Kite

Brand: Air-One Kites. Reference 31700.
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Dimensions: 53 x 23 cm
Material: gauze
Pair of triangular brakes designed to slow the kite in the upper part of the wind range of your stunt kite.

These brakes are positioned between the bottom of the spine and the whiskers. If your kite is equipped with double whiskers, set the brake on the inner OR outer whiskers, either: the brake will be more or less tense. You will choose the position that best suits your flying style and wind conditions.

The use of brakes facilitates the practice of freestyle in strong wind conditions.
Air-One Kites FREIN
triangular gauze Brakes for Stunt Kites Air-One-Kites One Kites sports high winds sustained strong slow down accessory accessories
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