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Bike Bell Rocket Chrome - Liix Micro Bell Ø35mm

Brand: Liix. Reference 7499.
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Dimensions: H 6 x Ø 3,5 cm
Bike Bell Rocket Chrome - Liix Micro Bell Ø35mm

Bring a personal touch to your bike with this micro colorful bell! It is great for your bike but it will also fit balance bikes or scooters... A little original gift, decorative and useful every day!

The "micro bells" by Liix are small bicycle bells, discrete but not too much: you will be surprised to hear the clear and loud "ding" coming out of such a small object!

• stable metal cap
• body made of plastic
• flexible handlebar clamping made of plastic
• fits standard handlebars (22,2mm clamping)
Liix 7499
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