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Bike Bell Polka Dots...

Bike Bell Polka Dots Mix White - Liix Colour Bell Ø60mm

Brand: Liix. Reference 7494.
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Dimensions: H 3 x Ø 6 cm (without clamping)
Bike Bell Polka Dots Mix White - Liix Colour Bell Ø60mm

The "Colour Bells" series is the most known of the Liix series. It offers a wide range of styles and colors to choose from so you can perfectly match with the color of your bike! Some people even put several bells on their bikes... you can also change from time to time, depending on the season and/or mood...

In short, here's a gift that is always appreciated, a colorful present with a daily use!

Dring dring! Make way! Thank you ! Remeber it is always better with a smile!

• glossy metal bell cover
• high quality, weatherproof design
• transparent and UV resistent coating
• anti slip bell knob
• fits all regular handlebars
• Includes attachment hardware
Liix 7494
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