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BERG Trampoline InGround Favorit + Safety Net Comfort



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Age: 6 + years
BERG Trampoline InGround Favorit + Safety Net Comfort

Sturdy and spacious, the FAVORIT trampoline by BERG is perfect for the whole family. It is available in four sizes from 270 to 430 cm in diameter. It is equipped with a "Comfort" safety net, with a self-closing entrance to the net for extra safety. With 8 "Regular" legs ensuring the trampoline is firmly grounded.

With this InGround version, you have an in-ground trampoline: the InGround system is a patented solution whereby the frame rests on specially designed low legs which are firmly placed on the ground. This system requires a soil preparation: you have to dig a more or less wide and deep hole, depending on your trampoline. The trampoline becomes very easy to access. The underside net allows the air to escape when jumping up and down, and prevents toys from rolling under the trampoline.

Quality, safety: these are the two words that define BERG trampolines. They are designed to last long and provide maximum pleasure to their users.

• springs are elasticated, flexible and finished with a rustproof layer of zinc
• woven jumping mat firmly attached to the frame with safe connection to the springs
• protective edge made of a strong UV and wear-resistant outer fabric
• sturdy steel frame with a rust-resistant zinc layer, inside and out

Ref.ModelDiameterHeightMax. LoadMax. Jump Weight*TubesProtective Edge
35090500InGround Favorit 270270 cm70 cm350 kg70 kg38,1 mm1,5 mm10/20 mm380 mm
35110400InGround Favorit 330330 cm85 cm500 kg100 kg42 mm2 mm10/20 mm380 mm
35120400InGround Favorit 380380 cm90 cm550 kg110 kg42 mm2 mm10/20 mm380 mm
35140900InGround Favorit 430430 cm90 cm600 kg120 kg42 mm2 mm10/20 mm380 mm

*To preserve your trampoline and ensure its sustainability, respect the "Max. Jump Weight" shown in the table above. Indeed, the springs are designed to ensure optimal quality of jump for children. Other brands often show bigger max weights, but it is usually at the expense of quality of rebound (too stiff springs = difficult jumps and fast user fatigue). Note that "Max. Jump Weight" and "Max. Load" are two different things: BERG trampolines withstand very high loads!

TÜV-certified product. For children aged 6 and more.

• Frame: 8 years**
• Protective edge: 2 years
• Jumping mat: 2 years
• Springs: 2 years
**Extended with product registration on the website of the brand.
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